Clinic Automation Software

Clinic Automation software

The software is for managing consultant clinics patient appointment, medical data of patients, commercial data etc. The main purpose is to store patient medical information into electronic form and commercial information at one place. So there is no need to keep manual records. Due to global accession of data doctors can access patient data across the clinics. Vital medical information such as patient’s complaints, allergy, diagnosis, treatment etc will be captured in
electronic form in the system. Another important feature is to communicate with
patient with electronic edge i.e. by SMS and e-mail.

The technology is used is which is browser based for globally accessibility.

Clinic Automation software

Clinic Automation Software Salient Features:

  • Patient Appointment Management
  • Patient Management
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Tracking
    • Complaint Management
    • History Management
    • Treatment Management
    • Investigation Management
  • Prescription Generation / Printing
  • Billing Management
  • Reports
    • Patient Case Paper
    • Patient Receipt
    • Patient Outstanding
    • Complaint wise Patient Record
    • Diagnosis wise Patient Record
    • View Patients Appointment

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